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Skyboard Plus Electric Skateboard
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Skyboard Plus Electric Skateboard
Free Gift

"The delivery service and quality of this board was great. Good ongoing battery life. Was looking for a value for money electric skateboard for myself and my son without spending too much $$$. Great to ride. The range, ability to climb hills and battery life appear to be around what is claimed." -Miles. N

The electric longboard you’ve been waiting for!

  • Versatile, powerful and fast!
  • Extended battery for lasting fun.
  • Goes uphill without even breaking a sweat
  • Nation Wide Warranty
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You Save: $600.00
  • 1-Year
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  • Quality
  • Battery

The electric longboard you’ve been dreaming of.

Skyboard Plus is a new take on the classic longboard with refinements in all the right places. It will make all your journeys feel like play.

It offers riders a super stable platform at higher speeds, with just the right amount of flex to soak up the bumps, making longer commutes faster and more comfortable. 

As soon as you hop in, you’ll experience how the ‘Ultimate Performance Technology’ feels under your feet!

No hill or incline is too much for this board… Which is why the rush of taking a spin will never be the same!

Equipped with bluetooth technology, connect to the app and track everything! Simply pick your speed and travel confidently on the concrete wave. 

The best part?

Its extended range battery lets you cover up to 20km on a single charge! And when you run out of battery, just enjoy your ride the old-fashioned way. The Skyboard Plus makes it worth your time to take the streets again.

With your Skyboard Plus, you’re getting:

Easy To Use: Just pick your speed and ride it like a normal board.

Top-notch control system Provides extremely smooth acceleration/deceleration at the reach of your hand. On cheaper boards, acceleration and braking is either to fast and jarring, or too mellow and sluggish — but Skyboards strike a perfect balance.

Powerful freedom: Travel up to 20km on a single charge. Re-charge it in less than 3 hours!

Super Reliable & Responsive: Controlled by the bluetooth remote, it allows you to go forward or backwards with just the push or a lever and control your speed with comfort and ease. This provides a super responsive, yet predictable ride, from beginner to pro, making the Skyboard experience incredibly simple and reliable.

Australian Stock:  Shipping directly from Sydney, Australia, we’ve not only met but surpassed the Australian Quality Standards.

Nation Wide Warranty: SkyWalker takes care of your Australian adventure, by providing you with Nationwide, 1-Year Australian Warranty and Customer Support Center. Sky Walk Australia with us!



Your Safety & Fun, Our #1 Priority. Check Out The Specs For Yourself:


Battery Life

Travel up to 20km/charge

Max Load


Top Speed


Waterproof and Dustproof Level



4300mAh lithium ion batteries (samsung)
Charging Hours
3 hours
Included in box

1 x user manual

1 x Australia charger

1 x remote wireless control

1 x T tool for daily maintenance

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